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Non-Flammable Rust Inhibitor

MC-300 World's First Corrosion PATENTED Protectant

MC-300 is patented and is the most advanced and effective long term Non-Flammable Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor available in the world today. MC-300’s unique formulation offers numerous advantages over its competition.

It is a complex mixture of non-flammable solvents and saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons – or in laymen’s terms, it’s a super highly refined wax. It permanently adheres to surfaces in all types of weather and environmental conditions. There is almost no end to the possible applications for MC-300 in stopping rust and corrosion in its tracks!

Unlike our competition, MC-300 sprays on as a translucent film and dries to a non-greasy touch within minutes. It is completely dry within 12 hours – depending on outside temperature. MC-300 is also washable using cold water, which can be so important when doing routine maintenance – such washing off your boat engine or trailer.

And one of the most important differences between MC-300 and our competition is that it is completely non-flammable.

MC-300 has a dielectric characteristic, so it’s safe on electronics and completely shuts down electrolysis between dissimilar metals. You can use MC-300 on anything you don’t want to rust, including engines, generators and anything related to boating and sailing, including saltwater and coastal environments.