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November 22, 2017 Steve Rivas


Posted in Current News

Product Review from Eric LeBlanc with Compass Minerals in Lyons, Kansas

We have used the product MC-300 on electric motors, an outdoor transformer, and cast conduit fittings. The electric motors get a misting of salt and are located in an extremely wet and damp area of our plant.

We installed a one hundred and twenty-five horse power motor in August of 2015. I took a rag and just wiped away the salt mist. The motor housing still looks like the day we put it in.

We installed the outdoor transformer in October of 2015. I cant see any sign of rust or bubbling in the paint.

The ultimate test for the MC-300 product, in my opinion, we installed stainless steel conduit with cast conduit fittings around our filter wheel that dries the salt. They clean around the filter wheel with water and there is extreme heat to dry the salt. I have had no problems working on the LB covers, and all the conduit looks like the day we installed it!

I recommend and will continue to use the product on all applications that I feel will increase the longevity of our equipment.

Eric LeBlanc
Compass Minerals