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Cost of Corrosion

MC-300 is the most advanced and effective long term Non-Flammable Rust and Corrosion
and PATENTED Inhibitor available in the world today

Cost of CorrosionNACE International, with more than 35,000 members from around the world, is dedicated to protecting people, assets and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion. The NACE International website can be found at https://nace.org.

As the leading international corrosion authority, NACE established a panel of government and industry experts to conduct an international assessment of the economic benefits of implementing sound corrosion prevention and management policies, management plans and technologies. The results, published in the 2016 International Measures of Prevention, Application, and Economics of Corrosion Technologies (IMPACT)2 study, demonstrated that the implementation of existing best practices and technologies can result in between 15 and 35% reduction of the cost of corrosion. Additionally, the often-cited costs of corrosion typically do not include the costs associated with individual safety or environmental consequences.

Between 2002 and 2016, the cost of corrosion in the United States grew from an estimated $276 billion to more than $450 billion – a whopping 40% increase in less than 15 years. This represents 3.4% of the national GDP and cuts across practically all sectors of the US economy and touches every single state in the US.

CLICK HERE to view the entire Corrosion Industry Report by NACE International.

Corrosion may be a Natural process – but it CAN BE CONTROLLED – just use Microcor’s MC-300!

MC-300 is the most advanced and effective long-term Non-Flammable Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor available in the world today.

MC-300’s unique formulation offers numerous advantages over its competition. It is a complex mixture of non-flammable solvents and saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons – or in laymen’s terms, it’s a super highly refined wax.

MC-300 permanently adheres to surfaces in all types of weather and environmental conditions. There is almost no end to the possible applications for MC-300 in stopping rust and corrosion in its tracks!

Unlike our competition, MC-300 sprays on as a translucent film and dries to a non-greasy touch within minutes. It is completely dry within 12 hours – depending on outside temperature. MC-300 is also washable using cold water, which can be so important when doing routine maintenance – such washing off your boat engine or trailer.

For more information about MC-300 – just CLICK HERE – or if your ready to make a purchase – CLICK HERE.