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About MC-500


MC-500 is a two-part system using the highest quality of polymer chains and resins to provide excellent chemical resistance by creating a barrier that prevents corrosive mechanisms from contacting the protected surface. MC-500 may be applied to a multitude of surfaces.

This can include by not limited to: Concrete, Masonry, Steel and Wood.

MC-500 is unique because unlike many other products on the market, MC-500 cures at ambient temperatures and can be applied to surfaces already showing signs of surface oxidation. Pigment may also be added to the MC-500 giving customers the protection they require while maintaining a signature appearance. It can be applied as a top coat sealant to concrete products to increase the chemical resistance, decrease the permeability, and extend its life expectancy.

After being active in the Oil & Gas industry for 30+ years, MicroCor Technologies has been very successful in the fight against corrosion  in some of the harshest environments on the planet. We also realize corrosion is not isolated to any particular industry and its reach cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in prevention and maintenance costs. We are confident that our system of coating can reduce these costs for you.



Our team would appreciate the opportunity to visit with your company and discuss problem areas specific to your industry. We will work with you in developing a system of prevention and application methods to achieve the highest level of success. See our Gallery for some examples of MC-500 in action.

CLICK HERE for Gallery of MC-500 in actual use!